Good Enough Parenting is conducted in schools and community touchpoints by Trainers in Singapore with either Counselling/Psychology/Social Work or relevant degrees (Bachelor, Post-graduate Diploma, Masters or Doctorate level) and/or extensive family life education training and experience. Our programme delivery is unique as we have Trainers who conduct these talks/workshops as a couple, allowing participants to hear perspectives of both husband and wife.

  1. Dr John Philip Louis
  2. Mrs Karen McDonald Louis
  3. Dr Agnes Tan-Ng Hwi Meow
  4. Mr Steven Tan Wei Teck
  5. Mr Lee Teck Ming
  6. Mrs Patrice Catherine Pedjoe- Lee
  7. Mrs Joyce Sue Lee
  8. Mr Halbert Louis
  9. Mrs Bong Louis
  10. Mr Richard Cheong Weng Keong
  11. Mrs Serina Cheong – Chua Ser Soo
  12. Mr Yap Ching Keong
  13. Mrs Grace Yap- Cheah Lean Cheng
  14. Mr Phua Hee
  15. Mrs Angelia Phua- Low Sock Gim
  16. Mr Ng Wee Keong
  17. Mrs Joyce Ng-Cheah Lean Eng
  18. Mr David Lang Kum Wai
  19. Mrs Lang – Chew Wai Yee
  20. Mr Sim Chee Kim Vincent
  21. Mrs Jayne Sim- Lee Jye Yunn
  22. Mr Leow Chern Yang
  23. Mrs Yvette Leow- Say Hwee Li
  24. Mrs Vida Ortiz
  25. Mr Alvin Fan
  26. Ms Udas Madhura
  27. Mr Lau Ung Kai
  28. Mr Gan Su Keng Peter
  29. Ms Eulisia Er Si Yi
  30. Ms Jenny Ong Siew Lan
  31. Ms Annu Ratha Jayaram
  32. Mr Clement Ong
  33. Ms Woo Mei Hui
  34. Ms Winnie Lee Hui Lan
  35. Mr Jeffrey Radjam
  36. Ms Cynthia Low Pik Ching
  37. Ms Ting Mei Lin
  38. Mr Wayne Freeman Chong Weien
  39. Mr Don Liew Ky Yun
  40. Mr Yeo Se Chun Richard
  41. Ms Donna Ho Swee Hong
  42. Ms Agustin Geraldine Guevarra
  43. Ms Daisy Xu Ling Ling
  44. Ms Koh Chew Ling
  45. Ms Calista Ong
  46. Ms Priscilla Wong Hui Sien
  47. Ms Lim Siew Mooi
  48. Ms Soon Sher Lee
  49. Ms Chew Wai Kuen Jennifer
  50. Mr Wee Sian Wen Raymond
  51. Ms Chandrawatie Anwar
  52. Ms Nancy Tandela
  53. Ms Natasha Jane Wilkins
  54. Mr Bobby Lai Soon Chong
  55. Ms Chang Chai Fung
  56. Mr Jason Teo Hock Chye
  57. Ms Ong Siew Ling Lynn


Good Enough Parenting is conducted in various countries such as Japan, Australia, Vietnam, Cambodia, U.S., U.K., India, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, Russia, Ukraine, parts of South America, South Africa, Nigeria, Norway, Lebanon and others. For enquiries on overseas trainers and workshops, please contact Dr John Philip Louis at