Comments from parents who attended Good Enough Parenting in Schools and Community talks

“I am reminded that I should notice my child’s strengths and train them accordingly rather than have unreasonable expectations.”

“I need to be willing to apologise and forgive. Letting go of negative feelings is important.”

“The importance of healthy autonomy in developing life skills. Reasonable limits for setting clear boundaries managing expectations and avoiding conflict vortex.” 

“It is important to listen to my children and have one-to-one play time!”

“Expectations of parents should be realistic and have reasonable limits. A good community helps in healthy development of a child.” 

“Praise their efforts rather than their results. Connection is essential.” 

“Setting reasonable limits. Healthy Autonomy helps children in decision making and problem solving. Praising the effort and not the result- processing the right way of praising my children.” 

“I have learnt to validate my children’s feelings and emotions when they share their thoughts. I have also learnt to differentiate between bad behaviour from an emotional outburst and recognise that I must connect with them to understand them.” 

“Importance of community in helping to bring up children and impart the right values. Exiting the vortex of negativity by being vulnerable – showing empathy and being willing to reflect and apologise.” 

“Connecting with my children is not just about empathising their feelings but also continually enforcing discipline and rules.”

“Awareness is power.”

“I must meet the core emotional needs of each child and spend more quality one-to-one time with each of my children.”